A comparison of the communist and democratic forms of goverment

CON, therefore, should have the win. The main difference is that communism holds that centralized organizations should manage the economy to bring about statelessness and classlessness, i.

Communism vs Democracy Characteristics: In the past two hundred years, democracy has proven to be a defective way to run a country. Also with other facts in comparison to the United States, the U.

Communism vs Democracy

These thinkers believed that unfettered freedom allowed some people to amass resources and wealth that deprived many of their basic needs. Finally, with over powering facts such as these, a communist government could have a better impact then a democratic government.

There are differences inherent in the two ideologies that will be highlighted in this article. The authors of the study conclude that the prices paid for health care services are much higher in the U.

13a. Comparing Governments

From here, Hitler then incorporated his power into the Nazi dictatorship with his strong sense of racism and plans for world domination. Therefore in many minds, the millions of dollars used to advertise elections are a clear waste of money seeing as there are any other ways to run a country such as autocracies that avoid this immense expense by avoiding elections.

Communism vs. Democracy

The government should exercise the control in the name of the people, at least in the transition between capitalism and communism. Socialists differ from communists in that they do not believe that the workers will overthrow capitalists suddenly and violently.

Presidential Democracy — the public elects the president through free and fair elections. Every citizen would be involved in government, and would take a strong interest in the way that their government works.

Communism is based on principles meant to correct the problems caused by capitalism. Democracy in Practice In reality there are no truly communist states in existence, regardless of the names that certain governments have historically given to their system of government.

The majority oppresses the minority. These principles and other details can be studied at Communism Definition and Democracy Definition. In other words, the communism vs. Freedom to practice own religion Practical Application Warped, government has total control, does not distribute profit, no one works, as there is no incentive to work.

Citizens vote to choose representatives who will run and make the hard decisions of the government. Democracy isn't when money is involved to the extent that it is in the U. There are some countries, which also have a mixed form of government.Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens participate equally—either directly or through elected representatives—in the proposal, development, and creation of laws.

It encompasses social, economic and cultural conditions that enable the free and equal practice of. Both communism and democracy as forms of government have been in existence for a long period, although it is true that democracy has been around longer.

The supporters of democracy claim it to be a better form of government, while according to the supporters of communism, it.

Compare different forms of government (direct democracy, representative democracy, socialism, communism, monarchy, oligarchy, autocracy). Democracy is a political ideology and not a social one, in that it dictates a form of government but any form of social organization can exist around that government.

Ownership of Property.

13b. Comparing Economic Systems

Communism: Communism does not allow for individuals to own anything, all property is public and can be used by those who need it (as decided by government). In a way, communism is an extreme form of willeyshandmadecandy.com countries have dominant socialist political parties but very few are truly communist.

In fact, most countries - including staunch capitalist bastions like the U.S. and U.K. - have government programs that borrow from socialist principles. Highlights: Comparing Forms of Government SSC Compare different forms of government (direct democracy, representative democracy, socialism, communism, monarch, oligarchy, autocracy).

Communism Communism is a form of government where all property is owned by the community as a whole and where all people.

A comparison of the communist and democratic forms of goverment
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